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It may be premature, but I think this was meant to be.

My cyber security career started in 1997, when I realized that I can build a career in the field of information technology – or “I.T.” – and that I can actually specialize in “I.T. security”.  The idea that I.T. – which had already become quite a large part of our daily lives – required a set of knowledge and skills that helped people use I.T. safely, allowed me to dream about an exciting new career path.  I grabbed hold of this new found motivation and ran with it; along the way I progressed a formal education in the specialization and continued to pursue professional roles in a quickly growing field.

Fifteen years later, in 2012, I decided to create an incorporated entity and test the professional consulting market.  At this point in my career, I had accumulated five years of private sector experience followed by ten years in the public service.  I was ready to pursue a completely new direction, one that would allow me to think and act freely towards the achievement of my goals, and in particular, some new ideas.

Initially, I created a low-cost, high value cyber protection service whose target market was what I considered at the time to be the most vulnerable parts of our society: small businesses, non-profit institutions, small health care facilities, small law and accounting firms, and even small educational institutions.  I developed a business plan, performed some market research, and developed a small service offering based on my accumulated skills and know-how.

What I discovered on my journey at that time is that the business model I’d chosen could help some people, but the majority of the people I wanted to help were still out of reach.  The model lacked long term viability.  I continued my efforts as a professional consultant, where my knowledge, skill, and experience provided valuable service to large public and private sector entities.

Ten years later, I find myself once again at a cross roads.  At its core, I continue to seek out ways to help more people.  The original mission I’d envisioned when I first incorporated still drives me.  However, I now find myself with what I believe is a real opportunity to actualise that original vision: to provide valuable, common sense cyber security advice, guidance, and protection to the most vulnerable in our society.  The White Falcon Blog is my attempt to realize this idea, that I can reach the people that may need help the most.

The future continues to be uncertain, as it is for all of us.  However, the same instincts that helped guide me in 1997 still exist today.  I intend to produce blog posts on this familiar topic – of cyber security and protection – with my audience in mind.  Topics of discussion will revolve around what I consider to be of interest for my intended audience; however, I look forward to feedback from readers, especially suggestions for content that matters most to you.

Welcome to the White Falcon Blog.  I look forward to the journey with you.


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