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We are professional information system security practitioners and consultants, with expertise in Cloud and on-premise secure information system design, development, and operation.

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Looking for the White Falcon Blog?  White Falcon aims to provide valuable, common sense cyber security advice, guidance, and protection to the most vulnerable in our society.

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With over thirty years of combined experience, we understand how best to help our customers protect their sensitive and valuable information systems.

 ​Deep knowledge of our customer’s needs is always key.

Our deep technical, program, and best-practice knowledge is how we establish our credibility.

Experience helps us deliver the highest possible value to our clients.

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Cyber protection experience in risk management, program governance, and system security design, whether in the Cloud or on premises.

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System Security Engineering

Cyber Security Program Development

Cloud Security

Governance Risk and Compliance

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With accumulated certifications, experience, and a growing client portfolio.





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